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DJ/MC Sameer

Dj & MC Sameer Vakharia (CEO/Founder)

A Visionary, a Believer and an Astounding Entrepreneur are words which can be used to describe the humble personality of Mr. Sameer Vakharia. At age 20 when his life took a solid turn, he explored his career in different sectors and industries. He successfully managed to make a living for himself and his family. However, deep down he always wanted to pursue his passion that was music. Finally, he took a firm decision of his life, wherein he gave his passion a strong foundation and made a fine piece of art. B Boyz Entertainment was born in 1999, a new journey had begun.

B Boyz Entertainment has its existence and presence for last 2 decades, primarily in Tri-State area and other parts of the country. Sameer has mastered the art of Disc Jockey (DJ) and Master of Ceremonies (MC). His passion towards music keeps him going and permits him to give his best every single time.

He gives life to any event by providing the state of art music equipment, using the latest technology, by playing the apt melody for the occasion, by understanding the pulse of people and by selecting the right songs which allows people to get glued to the dance floor.

He creates unforgettable memories for events like – Indian Traditional Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays (Sweet Sixteen) and Bar & Bat Mitzvah Celebrations, through his passion, experience, expertise and thorough knowledge about the current music trend

His vision is to create moments for life and he strongly believes in –

Play the Moments, Pause the Memories, Stop the Pains, Rewind the Happiness” – Anonymous

DJ/MC Manan

Being an avid partygoer his whole life, Manan joined the entertainment scene in 2015. His previous experiences with stellar DJ’s and even those that didn’t do so well, inspired Manan to become a brand of his own. He learned the trade himself, quickly learning to mix and blend tracks. Over time Manan became well-versed in Hip-Hop, Reggae, Urban Desi, and Punjabi music. Manan began to take on small parties of his own and moved up the rungs of the success ladder to larger and more demanding events.

As a curious young soul, Manan laughed at the idea of stagnancy, he was intrigued with the possibility of making his events even more lively and enjoyable. In 2016 he joined BBoyz Entertainment bringing a jolt of energy to the industry. Manan moved on to master the craft of MC’ing. Over the years Manan has grown to become a great DJ and an even greater MC. Today he is known for the immense energy and excitement that comes along with his presence.


DJ Sil is Djing since 2016 At the age of Sixteen Sil took a dive into the DJ/entertainment industry and has never looked back since and he is a specializing in Hip Hop , Bollywood , Bhangra , He found his niche, bringing a breath of fresh air to the industry with his personable approach to the clients which has lead him to be the requested in his years of working under a fabulous company. He is fun, energetic, extremely focused and will have your guests dancing the night away. DJ Sil can be low key and elegant, but he is at his best as a high-energy party motivator. He loves having a blast with people.

DJ Monil

DJ Monil believes a DJ should be personable, passionate, entertaining, and in sync with the audience's unique style and taste and be comfortable covering the entire musical spectrum. Embracing the love of music at the age of 20 when he purchased his first set of turntables, DJ Monil knew that he was on a mission to rock with the best! Any event, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, corporate or private party or even a get to gather, he has those in attendance with sore feet, happy hearts, and an eager for more.

DJ Savan

What's your poison? Hip Hop? Bollywood? club? Classics? Reggae? The evolution of a DJ can be seen through the eyes of New York's own DJ Savan. With an unmistakable style and unforgettable turntable flair, his domination of the sound system will have you off your seat and on the floor all night long. Savan is one of the hardest working and most reliable entertainers in the industry. With over 700 weddings and events since 2006, he has a vast knowledge of music and experience that sets him apart.

DJ/MC Sandy

Dj Sandy is one of the hardest working and most reliable entertainers in the industry. He is considered amongst the top Wedding DJs in the industry He is at home when controlling a crowd; in love with the opportunity to express himself through music and fill a room with positive energy. Having spent time on both coasts, he has observed the styles of East and West Coast DJs and created his own. His diverse musical background is translated through his DJing, especially in his ability to shift between genres without missing a beat. Experienced DJs adjust their selections to the crowd and venue and are comfortable switching things up unexpectedly. Sandy's acknowledgment of this explains why he's become such a hot commodity on the DJ market, and why he can rock any party with ease.

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DJ Khush

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